Wolfs medicine?

Sometimes things happen that you can’t explain. Everything clicks, but you have no idea how it happened. Last week I had just that. It was Wednesday evening I was in bed thinking about my relationship that just ended and this blog that needs a different name, when I heard it. In my right ear, where during the day I carry a hearing aid, I heard wolves howling…  It was literally the strangest thing. I kept listing and a while later I heard it again. The sound was coming from within my ear, and sounded far away.

The next morning I totally forgot about it. Until, I started seeing pictures of wolves on Facebook and between the pictures of beautiful nature that I was searching for, for this blog. Apparently, the Universe had a message for me.

I started looking into wolves, like how they behave and learned more about the wolf as a spirit animal like a lot of people believe we all have. I got Goosebumps all across my body. The things I read I could copy and paste to my life at this moment.

Wolves stand for intuition, trust, wisdom, communication and freedom.

All week already, I got messages to follow my intuition. I did so that Monday, following a voice from within telling me to do something. Following that voice, even though I had no idea how it would turn out to be, felt great. Like you are 100% sure you have to do something. It also made me realise I have to follow my intuition more often. I usually know up front, if an appointment is going to be met or not. I just don’t always act on it, because I can’t explain how I know I have to cancel or postpone and I hate lying.

So then there is trust. Trust is something I lack. I don’t have trust in myself and therefore not always in others too. But the most I lack self-confidence and self-esteem. Trust that I am able to do things. Trust that I am going to be successful. Trust that I am worthy. Trust in life, trust in people. Trust to follow on my intuition. You get the picture. I am very good in putting myself down. Let’s just say I am a work in progress at that area.

Wisdom we can all figure, right. But then it starts to get interesting, communication and freedom. For a wolf his family, the pack, is very important. He will not fight if he doesn’t have to, but he will defend his family with his life. The pack gives a feeling of community. Still, he makes sure he doesn’t lose his identity with the pack. To make sure of that, a wolf goes out on his own every now and then. In that time of isolation, he goes back to his own identity, learns more about himself, does what he thinks is important and what he likes. He experiences true freedom doing his thing!

When the wolf is gone, the pack misses him. That’s one of the reasons they howl. Still, the lone wolf that went away for a while can hear the howling, but will only return when he is ready to return. When he does so, the pack greets him with happiness and joy!

This just totally clicked with me. It reminded me of what had happened in my relationship. And it also made me think about how we don’t approve on this in society while actually, if somebody wants to take time on his own, why shouldn’t we let him? Why is it the norm to always be together? Because we are afraid to lose the other person? Because we are afraid to be on our own? Fear usually is the base of our actions, where it should be love. Love for the other person to do what he needs to do. If he needs time to get to know himself better, to gain back on his passions, the things he likes to do, why shouldn’t we let him do so? It will make that person a better person in understanding himself. When the wolf does come back from his alone time, he can be fully there for the pack again.

There is something what they call: Wolf Medicine. The quality of the wolf is that he is able to learn new ideas, insights and experiences. He does so in his alone time and when he gets back he teaches those ideas and insights to the pack. That’s in fact what I do as well. I share my ideas, inspirations, experiences and insights through Facebook and this blog. Hoping to give somebody else some inspiration or light in dark times. I read that a wolf showing up in your life has to do with creative writing as well. And then this all happens the week after I launched this blog…

Throw me to the wolves & I_ll return leading the pack. _ Unknown (1)

Sometimes you can’t explain how things happen, but you can only be grateful for the experience, insights and the wisdom you gained. Even though I thought about it a lot, I still don’t have a new name for this blog. Maybe Wolfs Medicine would be a nice one. What do you think?

Love, Lotte

Wolf is the Grand Teacher. Wolf is the sage, who after many winters upon the sacred path and seeking the ways of wisdom, returns to share new knowledge with the tribe. Wolf is both the r



Don’t Quit

Since I started writing poems last week, I started looking into them. What I found was this great poem, author unknow. How many times have you wanted to quit something, or maybe did you quit, because it wasn’t working out. I don’t like to quit. Ever. I guess it’s me, being a perfectionist that quiting feels like failing. That attitude helped me tremendous in life.

  • I would not have ‘survived’ a depression had I quit.
  • I would not have finished school, had I quit.

We make the decision on a daily basis to cary on. To go for it, again…. We make that decision much more often then we realise.

Read the poem, and share you thoughts in the comments.

Love, Lotte

Don't QuitWhen things go wrong, as they sometimes willWhen the road you are trudging seems all uphillWhen the funds are low and the debts are highAnd you want to smile, but you have to s

Morning inspiration

Yesterday I was talking to a friend about the launch of my blog. She said it was totally up my alley, with my vision of how we should deal with our emotions and how we can support each other in the process.

We were also talking about the name of my blog. That, due to what I have experienced in life I am able to write like this and be an inspiration to others. Without all the experiences I’ve had, I would not be the person I am today.

That made me realise how grateful I am for every single one of them. How difficult they have been, they brought me here doing what I do. They made me a better person.

As my friend said: ‘With every experience you have in life, you become more and more yourself’.

I am lucky and grateful to have friends like this! Whatever happend to you, you are not defined by your past. You are prepared by your past!

Have an amazing Monday!

Love, Lotte

You are not defined by your past.You are prepared by your past.


Taking the first step…

For months, the idea has been playing through my mind. Again and again, friends on Facebook keep telling me: ‘You should do something with your writing skills. Your posts are so inspiring!’. I started writing a book, but that will take some time to finish. Should I start a blog in the process? To be honest, I have been thinking longer about starting a blog than about writing a book. Why still be afraid to start? I can think of a million reasons why…. and as I read yesterday: Fear will only keep you away of things, love will bring you towards things.

Fear will only keep you away of things, love will bring you towards things.

If I learned one thing in life, it’s the importance of processing what you feel in stead of pushing it away. Writing is my way of doing that, but it wasn’t enough to just write in my dairy. I had to share my stories and experiences. Writing is a way for me to digest my feelings and experiences in life. And I don’t believe in keeping your feelings to yourself and working them out all by yourself.

I believe in sharing, in being there for each other, in knowing you are not alone. If I am dealing with some shit, for sure other people are too! Why not putting our hands together and feel the love and support of others going through the same as we do?

My name is Lotte, I’m 30 years old, live in the Netherlands and single again since about 3 weeks. The past weeks made me realise I want to do more of the stuff I love to do. One of the most important things for me is being an inspiration to other people. Being of value to their lives. That’s what gives me a feeling of fulfilment and makes me get out of bed in the morning.

Life can be messy, overwelming, dark and scary. But with the love of others and ourselfves, we can make this world a much nicer place to be.

Have a fabulous awesome Sunday!

Love, Lotte

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