Don’t Quit

Since I started writing poems last week, I started looking into them. What I found was this great poem, author unknow. How many times have you wanted to quit something, or maybe did you quit, because it wasn’t working out. I don’t like to quit. Ever. I guess it’s me, being a perfectionist that quiting feels like failing. That attitude helped me tremendous in life.

  • I would not have ‘survived’ a depression had I quit.
  • I would not have finished school, had I quit.

We make the decision on a daily basis to cary on. To go for it, again…. We make that┬ádecision much more often then we realise.

Read the poem, and share you thoughts in the comments.

Love, Lotte

Don't QuitWhen things go wrong, as they sometimes willWhen the road you are trudging seems all uphillWhen the funds are low and the debts are highAnd you want to smile, but you have to s